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We are Count On Us

 who provide highly skilled Mystery Shoppers (operatives) who evaluate customer satisfaction while visiting your business.  Measure, understand and optimize your organization’s brand performance, across all points of customer interaction.

Our operatives arrive at your business and pose as a regular customer.  Their purpose is to gather the information you seek concerning your employee’s attitude, personality, sales ability, and are they paying attention to details. 

 Our operatives are made aware of your specific needs, because every Mystery Shop is unique.  Once our operatives complete their evaluation, they generate a detailed report.

Every report is reviewed by the Count On Us staff, who then create the final report for each client.

What in it for your business?

There are several good reasons your company should consider using a Mystery Shopper.  They are to increase revenue and improve service.

Is it worth the expenditure, to use a Professional SpotterMystery Shopper Service?  While only you can make that determination, I can assure you that using a Professional Mystery Shopper Service does produce spectacular results when used correctly. 

Mystery Shopper Reports should not be used as a hammer to reprimand, or criticize poor employee performance.  Using reports as a tool to explain and the train will generate better employee performance and increased company loyalty.  By using the report as a reason to have the conversation, you reduce the anxiety of it coming from management. Most employees will consider your comments as constructive criticism instead of browbeating.  It will also support what you may have been already telling your employees.

When employees are made aware of their flaws, they usually make a true effort to correct them, particularly when the criticism comes from an impartial third party.  

Management gains KNOWLEDGE by using a Mystery Shopper.  Every report identifies attitudes, performance, and attention to details, integrity, check building, cleanliness and the ability to follow company policy.  

A poor employee costs you MONEY and REPUTATION.  

When a server is not doing suggestive selling of additional items, it could be worth hundreds of dollars a week in additional sales.  When you upset patrons with poor service or poor attitudes, they will tell others about their dissatisfaction. You not only lose that patron but the ten other potential patrons they told of their displeasure and experience.  This potentially will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  

What if an employee is stealing from you, they certainly are not doing it while you are standing in front of them?  Surveys show when an employee steals, they steal at the rate of $80 an hour. Our Mystery Shoppers will catch them. Undetected theft leads to greed and ever increased amounts until it is discovered. 

Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss a “proactive” Spotting Mystery Shopper Service customized to your business.


The number #1 reason people steal is that they think they won’t get caught.  So we at count on us feel you should take a few minutes to do a security check related to your business.

As the owner or manager, you need to be confident that everything possible has been done to prevent theft within your organization.  Unfortunately, people we trust and like, do steal. While one needs to trust one always need to protect their business.

So over the last 30 years that Count On Us, we have seen it all, things like partners stealing from each other, children stealing from parents, husbands, and wives stealing from each other, trusted employees who steal from their employer and the list goes on 

Who Steal?

Unfortuenly way too many ( from a stock person, manager, secretary or controller and so on when given the opportunity, a certain percentage of the population will steal, just because they can.  Whether employees take money, toilet paper, a bottle, or a drink, it is an act of theft.

What Can You Do?

For Product

  • Always securely lock products.
    • Ensure that there is a limited number of personal key to access locked up products.
  • Check daily for missing products and or broken products.
  • Collect empty products and cross-reference them with pull sheets.
  • Do an opening and closing audit.
  • Remove unused stock from to reduce temptation.

Money Handling Procedures

  • Have employees follow standard ringing procedures and ensure they understand how to record all service provided by your business at the time of the service
  • If your business is liquor or food:
    • If patrons are allowed to run a tab then ensure that the server ensures there is a paper check in placed in front of the patron who is running the tab.
    • Using a jigger or measured pourer ensure the constancy the poor
      • This is also a good way to test your bartenders for accuracy
    • Don’t allow bartenders/servers to cash in tips during shift
  • Place all money in a locked safe that’s bolted down.
  • Hide day’s receipts in a locked box or other places where they can be secured
  • Don’t allow employees to take their own register reading or reconcile their own cash drawer
  • Ensure that security tapes and camera are reviewed daily or use a service to do so so that you can ensure daily
  • Reduce all temptations which could make it easy for employees to steal, Dto makes Don’t make it easy for employees to steal. 
  • Doing a weekly liquor audit will alert you to improper stock management and help you control theft. 
  • Knowing your product and labor costs are imperative in identifying theft.
  • Doing a weekly audit is the first step to fiscal responsibility.  

Mystery Shopper Spotters are essential in identifying attitude, quality of service, attention to details, and server’s ability to do suggestive selling.  Servers who do not do check building cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Mystery Shopper Spotters should be used regularly, weekly, monthly or quarterly). Your volume and number of employees dictate the frequency of employing spotters. 

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