A mystery shopper is a person who poses as a customer at various establishments and businesses.  Our clients employ a mystery shopper is to give them a professional, objective unbiased view of what is happening at their businesses.

Our clients are concerned with the integrity, attitude, and service skills of their employees.  This is customer satisfaction reporting.

Management hires Mystery Shoppers to report impartially on what is occurring during the shopping experience.  Agents should not let personality get in the way of judgment and should have no personal opinion on the shop. A mystery shopper reports only facts.

When a shopper sees actual transgressions and/or violations, it is the mystery shoppers’ responsibility to report what was observed.  It is the agents’ job to be observant and totally objective in reporting what happened, even if it puts an employee’s job in jeopardy.  If this makes you uncomfortable, then being a mystery shopper is not for you.

Because this service is confidential in nature, it is imperative that shoppers exhibit the strictest discretion for privacy.

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