REQUIREMENT / Maximum ReimbursementsRESULT (if you do not)
Go to ALL shops you commit toRemoval from our database
List NAMES and descriptions of ALL employees [you are shopping] in your report.$20 paycheck deduction
E-MAIL reports to WITHIN 24 HOURS of the date of surveillance.
If we try to contact you by e-mail and/or phone and you do not respond to us within 24 hrs, we will assume you did not complete the assignment, and you may be removed from our database.
$10 deduction if mailed, faxed OR received after the 2nd day 
$20 deduction if received after day 3
If your report is not received within 48 hours, we assume the assignment was not completed and you will not be paid.  It is your responsibility to notify us if there are extenuating circumstances.
RECEIPTS [*MUST HAVE ITEMIZED RECEIPTS] – Fax or scan/e-mail ALL receipts to the office the SAME DAY YOU SUBMIT YOUR REPORT (including, but not limited to parking, toll, bridge, and restaurant/bar receipts)We reserve the right to not reimburse your shop expenses
We reserve the right to not reimburse your shop expenses
Limit of one moderately priced appetizer OR moderately priced meal each (yourself and one guest) – NOT BOTHNo reimbursements over the maximum allotment
Up to 3 moderately priced alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or sodas each (yourself and one guest) – NO top shelf or fancy drinksNo reimbursements over the maximum allotment
Tips: Bartenders/Waitpersons – 15% maximum reimbursement Dancers – $10 maximum (TOTAL) reimbursementNo reimbursements over the maximum allotment
Mileage:  25¢ per mile for agents traveling  25 or more miles round tripNo reimbursement under 25 miles, no reimbursement over 40 miles
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